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Connecting with others 

I am starting to tell others how hard it is, or how tired I feel.  I can’t really expect others to understand if I don’t tell them. I tend to say how much I love having the time with her, but it’s really tiring.

Support from other people is really important, but it can be hard to ask for.  


Carving out a little time to speak with family or friends about how you are feeling and coping can really help. Your GP or other professionals may also be able to help.  


Many families feel alone and that others do not understand what they are experiencing, increasing feelings of isolation. Peer support groups can be really helpful with this. They can be a place to share ideas and gain support from people in a similar situation.


​The Challenging Behaviour Foundation has a family support service that includes a helpline for individual support and information, a listening ear service, and an anonymised family carer email network where you can share ideas, thoughts, feelings, solutions and challenges with other families in similar situations.

Challenging Behaviour Foundation Family Support Team: 

0300 666 0126 between 9am – 4pm or email: 

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